Full Version Game Downloads – Scam Alert!

All gamers would love to have full version game downloads. Many of its fans are adolescents and since they are young, their limited pocket money simply cannot fund their insatiable appetite for the newest games. While there is a lot of talk about cheap online downloads, many have some bad experience with scam sites. Right here, you will read about how to identify scams and perhaps clear your doubts as well.

A certain word is spreading maliciously throughout the internet that services offering full version game downloads are all scam sites. This simply is not true and unfounded. There are many professional services that can be found that delivers good service in this aspect. But sad to say, there will always be some black sheep that are out to scam.

Some scam signs to look out for when finding full version game downloads online.

1. Free on registration with strings attached thereafter. There are sites that tell you that it is free on registration. Once you are signed up, you quickly realized that the number of games are so few and old that there is hardly anything worth your time. In order to access to the other new releases, you would have to pay.

2. The site promises to be free and it really is. You may even read that it is totally legal and protected from malware, viruses and so on. But in actual fact, there are notorious file sharing sites where full version game downloads get infected with badware. They are also pirated copies and not like what they claim as legitimate.

3. The site can advertise about a large game selection where you can find any new release you want. Once you pay a subscription fee for a month or a year, then you realize that the games you are looking for are not available at all. Or the format is in a totally unreadable and incompatible format with your console.

Certain sites for full version game downloads may also give you corrupted or incomplete files that simply will not run. At times, users also complain about poor user platform which takes a rocket scientist to know how to use. These are so far the most common complaints by users.

So in order not to waste time on such sites, it is important to read reviews written about services for full version game downloads or to find out what their customers are saying about them.

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